Market Research

Your project briefing is engaged as your idea and everything relating to it is analysed to ensure that a solid foundation is established.

Ideation sketching

Here’s where creativity happens, as brainstorming and design meets to define the initial intelligent product concepts.

3D modelling

At this stage, we’ll work together to provide a form to the concept, using ergonomic feedback to arrive at a finalised 3D model.


Here we add more detail to the model, visualising the appropriate prototype colours, materials and finishes. Product graphics & packaging can also be designed in this phase.


Next we fabricate a physical 3D product using computer-aided design (CAD) data to give you your working prototype and refine it for launch

Launch Preparation

The final stage of the process is to design the materials you need to promote your newly developed product for a complete end-to-end service.




So, you’ve recognised the need for a product and you have a great idea! Now it’s time for me to provide the creative juice that turns your idea into a reality. I start by deconstructing your project brief, conducting full market research and creating ideation sketches that help you really ‘see’ your idea take shape.

For many years, I have been helping my clients bring their products to market and the cutting-edge design techniques and tools I use allows me to take ideas from concept stage and give them form. I also have a firm understanding of what makes products sell, so you’re in very good hands.


Once we have an agreed concept for development, it’s important to ensure that it’s viable to be produced in a cost-effective manner. Through the use of 3D modelling, visualisation and 3D printing, I can help you create a living, breathing product, allowing you to get a real sense of its aesthetics and commercial feasibility.

The understanding and insight I provide ensures that my clients get top-selling products that are not just ready to launch, but are also highly profitable.


I always aim to provide real value for every single one of my clients, so that they get the best possible return for the investment they made when deciding to work with me. To that end, I can also help you get your project ready for marketing by providing you with posters, technical drawings and other promotional content.

From concept to development to launch, l will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your project remains on schedule and on-budget.